Abundance Bowl (6-pack)

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Abundance Bowl (6-pack)

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Wholesale Salt Bowls


The Abundance Bowl Salt Lights from the Salt Lamp Company is a gorgeous lamp that can transform any room of your home. It is loaded with salt crystal chunks and works hard to reduce the amount of positive ions in the air, leaving your room smelling cleaner, fresher and with less allergens and dust.

 When there are fewer positive ions in the air, thanks to the negative ions that the Abundance Bowl puts out, you can experience less headaches, less fatigue, more energy, better sleep, and even a better mood. People are amazed at the difference a small lamp can make in their lives, and usually end up buying many more of them, both for themselves and for gifts. They are the perfect gift, since they are not only functional, but beautiful as well. `They have been shown to help people that suffer from respiratory ailments to breathe better, since the Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 of the same elements we have inside our bodies that allow our organs to function as they should.

 When the salt lamp is plugged in and begins to heat, healthy negative ions are let loose into the air. These good ions grab on to the bad ions that are caused from pollution, dander, allergens, dust, electricity and other things and render them harmless. This makes the air inside your home much fresher, cleaner, and easier to breathe. These lamps also create a more serene environment, allowing you to relax and de stress. Order your today, and reap the benefits of this miracle of nature.


The Bowl of Himalayan Salt is handmade and stands 8-10 inches tall est. and weighs in at around 9-10 lbs. These special offers are here for just a short period of time order now!


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