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Himalayan Salt Products have been known for their healing properties for thousands of years. From salt lamps for purifying the air of pollutants and positive ions, to bath salts for making a detoxifying sole bath, people have discovered and are using these products more and more! Wholesale Salt Lamps is the specialty of this site, generally one can get a great value by choosing one of our Wholesale Salt Lamp packages or one of our Value Packs. Our company is here to help, the holiday gift season is a great time to stock up on Wholesale Salt Lamps.

Why Order from Salt Lamp Company?

In one word, QUALITY! We are extremely selective when picking our Himalayan Salt Crystals, selecting the only the finest quality for your lamps right from the start. Many suppliers actually peddle inferior products and are gone tomorrow. Our Salt Lamp Company has been in the same location for over 13 years! Offering a 30 day money back guarantee and live service. 

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