Salt Lamp - XL (6-pack)

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Salt Lamp - XL (6-pack)

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10-14 lbs Salt lighting from Salt Lamp Company


The XL Salt Lamp from the Salt Lamp company is a vision of health. It is made from only pure, 100% natural Himalayan salt from a region that still remains unpolluted by man. Not all salt companies get their salt here, but only salt hand mined from this area of the world is guaranteed pure and full of healthy benefits.


The XL salt crystal lamp is designed for larger spaces in your home, to increase the negative ion count and reduce the amount of allergens, dust, dirty electricity, and other contaminants that are found all over today. When these negative ions are plentiful, people report having fewer headaches, feel more able to focus, have a fresher, cleaner home, and have an easier time sleeping all night. When placed in any room of your home, it works as an ionizer to grab onto the bad positive ions and replace them with healthy negative ones.


Salt lamps are made from the same 84 elements we are, make breathing easier, and are great at reducing inflammation from allergies, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory ailments. Only real Himalayan crystal salt can do this, so never settle for a inferior product from another company just because it may cost less. There is a reason it is cheap, and that is because it is not being made with hand mined Himalayan salt. The Salt Company never uses anything but the best for their customers. Try one today and get to know the healing secrets of Himalayan salt!

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